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February 01, 2006



That is just fantastic. I love the hair especially!

Tongue in Cheek

Hey, I'd hack up all my clothes if I could make a pillow like that! How about I send you my clothes and you make me pillows? What could I trade for such a service?




way WAY better then Barbie :)


OMG! I love it! What a great idea - using old barbie doll clothes. I love your creative ideas - you inspire me to keep creating!


Well<, Goodness me !
She is far, far prettier than any Barbie I've ever seen, she's gorgeous ! What genius !!!


What a great idea! And you made it extra-extra-cute. The hair is fabulous!

Amanda  Lee

Adding a felted pillow to my to do list... love the recycling of the doll clothes, too.


Eeeeeeeeee! I can't get over how fabulous your pillow is!! And I totally agree with the other commenters... that hair is so fabulous!!


Megan, it's fab. Just love it loads. I want one. I'd have to sew it on the machine, though! xx

gina L

Love the boots and the hair looks like mine..LOL
I have been telling my daughter that she need to keep her doll stuff picked up or I'm getting rid of them, I now know what to do with them....~grin~


Great pillow, Megan! really! Are you sure those aren't Napoleon Dynamite moon boots, though? She really has that Medusa thing going on too. Next time I'm in Home Depot I'll ask for a skein of that thick n thin yarn stuff... it has many possibilities...


This is fantastic!! Excellent use of old doll clothes!


I have to comment here on this fabulous pillow! It's gorgeous and perfectly done and I love the dreadlocks. Thanks for the tip about the book, I haven't seen that one but will look it up. You've peaked my interest!


This is fabulous!!! I love love love that hair!!!! So cool!
Thanks for stopping by! :o)


What a cool idea! (And I would have missed it, if I hadn't resumed my blogrolling!)

mimi k

Wow! Fantastic! I love it :-)


Yup, it's thick & thin yarn, and, silly, silly me: I have thrown away the yarn labels. Suffice it to say: the yarn looks like dreadlocks when it's hanging in skeins!


So cute! But what is the actual hair fiber? Some kind of thick and thin yarn? I really love this and want to make one!


ha! i love it. it makes me want to steal my nieces' barbie clothes.

i had a pair of white go go boots when i was in the first grade. i loved them


This is unbelievably great! The hair and sweater are my favorite parts. I really love this!


This is brilliant. Do you come up with these ideas all on your own? I love that hair!!


Don't ask me why I called you Heather. As soon as I hit send I realized what I had done. Maybe my go-go boots are too tight!


Thanks Heather! I have several boxes of Barbie clothes in my attic. That would be a neat gift to make for my daughter. A pillow using her old Barbie clothes. Your kindergarten teacher wore go-go boots?


Wow, really wonderful pillow! And old barbie clothes - that's brilliant!

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