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I love the deary! We have a lot of Sanrio store here. I love the dear and the chichaimonchan characters! Your blue scarf looks so warm and snuggly! Can you believe I wish I had it here in Hawaii tonight? It's cold here right now. Okay. Not as cold as where you are, but for this warm weather location, it's pretty cold.

manda mcgrory

Love the mug! And the scarf looks lovely - great colour.


that mug is tooo cute! too cute!!!


Adorable mug...and I love your sock monkey snuggled in the scarf. I came to your blog yesteday with my little granddaughter on my lap..we looked at all your toys and she oooohed at all the ones she liked. Her language is limited, but she said doll, ball, and pointed to the other things with glee. That was fun.


I see Cheeky is a Shriner! Cool!


That scarf looks cozy beyond belief. And such a great color! Luckout.

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