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Everytime you post a pic of your home I love it even more. You have made your home beautiful. The mini hutches in the big hutch is so clever! I love milk glass too. You doll dishes display is really creative too. You are definitely a creator of beauty. I totally love the last shot of the metal work. The lights and shades in the picture are awesome. Such an interesting and pleasing photo. You rock!


Framing mini dishes? Brillance.


What a gorgeous bathroom. I wish my hubby would let me decorate like that...don't think I have the ability anyway, though. LOOOOOVE that ball fringe!!


Well, we all know what to buy you for your birthday!! Can I come and live with you?


Good grief it's crazy how much I love your home! hehe We've got a pink bathroom too, from the previous owners. But it's not pretty and pleasantly pink, it's scary we've-got-to-do-something-about-this pink. haha


That cabinet with the little cabinets is awesome. I love that. I've seen those little cabs before and always think, "How cool -- but what would I do with them." Great idea!

Gina L

It looks so simply pleasant. I bet you can truly relax and unwind there. I see you have a Beatrix Potter picture on the wall. She is one of my favorites.
Creative idea with the dishes.


Sweet...all of it!!!!
I want to frame my little china dishes now.


i love those shadow boxes. and i love that you have them under the window. i wish i were as creative as you.


Man that is a cute room! The teensy white cabinets in the bigger white cabinet are fantastic! And you've inspired me to try the doll china in the shadowbox thing. Brilliant!


Heehee, Cal Worthington & his dog Spot, I had to go google that one!
The metal thingy in the second and the last picture I believe started life as a lamp stand. I got it at a tag sale for $5, and have used it in the past as a plant hanger. Since it's in the bathroom now, sometimes guests put their wet towels on it to dry, and I think, "Hey, good idea, I never would have thought of that..."

Amanda Lee

You had me with the first three pix but holy Cal Worthington & his dog Spot! That cabinet is icing.

And what the heck is that pretty thing in the second and last pix?


Looks great! Those shadowboxes are such a great idea! I've got loads of stuff like that from my grandma, and have wondered what to do with it. Thanks for the idea!


Oh my. I love your bathroom! Do you just stand in there all day looking at the treasures? Because I would! I love your miniature hutches inside the hutch, and the gorgeous milkglass on top. I love the framed china. What a pretty room!

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