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February 20, 2006



I love the boobs! Too funny! She is adorable. Woohoo! You're going to open an etsy store! Good luck with it - not that you need luck - you're gonna do great!

Meegan Blue

I can't tell you how much I love this pillow! So unique and fun!!!


This is beautiful and very creative!! Love your comic collection too!

Amanda Lee

You're going to sell! Yay. Tell me more.


Your pillows RULE! And the boobs...too funny!


Thanks, everybody! It's sounds as though we've got a majority of Pro-Boobyists here. And, yes, my sister is quite funny, & I learned at quite a young age to do everything she told me, under pain of being pinched by her toes!
I don't really know how long it takes me to do one of these, cuz I tend to work up to a point on one, and when I'm "stymied" by what to do next, I work on another pillow. But I'd say, roughly, twenty hours on each one?? That includes cutting out pieces, and all that. I do all the stitching by hand, so that's what takes up time. But that's time that I'd just be watching TV in the evenings, so...
I'm moving in the direction of selling some of these pillows on etsy.com, hence the plethora of pillows of late!


great pillow! I really like the flowing ribbons... that's a nice touch! So here's the usual question... how long does it take to make one of your typical pillows? (not that I'm gonna try it or anything)


Very cool!

mimi k

Great! I love the striped socks too!


Another fabulous cushion. I am digging on those little knobbly knees. And, as my Fizzy would call them, her bosoms! Fab job. Can we see them all in situ now please?


Terrific! A love her face, I'm trying to think of exactly what that expression reminds me of...


These pillows are all so amazing! And you're right, how can you not listen to what your older sister says.


Beautiful! Love the pom pom idea! Your sister is funny! It must run in the family :)


Yet another anti-barbie hit, I especially like the little anti-barbie boobs (good thinking, older sister :))

You should start working with Bratz clothes..


I love how you used such a variety of "leftovers" - she's adorable! And her hair - I love it!


She is wonderful, of course. Every last detail!!!!

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