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Ingrid Gans

I've done something similar on a scarf with homespun thick yarn. Now I know it's actually an official technique with a name. Thanks for posting. I love the pillow and can appreciate the skill involved. Great colours too.


WOW so cool. What a great idea to use with my hand spun that I don't want to crochet with.


Absolutely stunning! I adore the colors, incredible textures, and pattern. Beautiful.


Wow, the colors and texture of this are amazing! I like that the fibers you couched aren't of a uniform size, and they make me think of little worms wriggling through the threads. :)


i love that pillow. it looks like my doodles. practically every notebook i have since highschool has it's margins filled with doodle mazes like that. and i've wanted to incorporate the idea in something. and there it is!

Tongue in Cheek

No no no first girl with wild haor
The darling dog with butoon collar
Now very beautiful cushion that I would carry around all day singing LOOK look look what I have a Jewel!!!

Stunning! I cannot image how much time that took to make!!


That is one inspired cushion. Beautiful, Megan!

Amanda Lee

Fabulous. Just gorgeous.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

I love it I love it I love it !!!! I would like to "dormir" (sleep) on it !!! "Il semble être si doux" (it seams to be sooooo sweet) !! "Gros bisous" (big smooches) from the belgian french speaker LOL !!


Beautiful, Magan! I love the colors!


Thanks for all the comments! Yes, the process is fun, and kind of challenging, as MIJK alludes to! You have to keep the 'maze' of yarn going in such a way that you don't 'clump' colors together. With couching, the thumb on your non-dominant hand gets to feel useful! :-) The think I like best about doing this technique is that it's designing-as-you-go. Also, educational for children, as they trace their finger along the path!


Beautiful..I love it. It is a fun process, yes??
yes, it is.


do you also eat gummy worms while you are working on these pillows?


I love the look of the slubby nubby yarn. So cool. And the colors are wonderful too.


I love how it is a random and blanced design at the sametime!


Very cool. It looks like it would be pretty fun to do too, no?


Am really loving this! You have such a lovely way with this technique, and I agree that the colours are gorgeous!!


Gorgeous!Love the rich colors.


This is really beautiful!



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