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Oh, I love that desk! It's so pretty and cheerful! I have a similar one, bottom half only, that's stained dark brown. It's my deceased MIL's, and I can't bring myself to paint it. But I really want to! Especially now!


I like the green balls that dance across the top shelves... what are they?


The dolls look really at home their. So much fgun to see you use them.. Oh I need to organise my desk (and mylife)

Amanda Lee

I looked at that chair and thought, 'Aw, Sad Faced Kitty used to live there.' I think he misses your decor. I must take some proper pix of my fifties faux Dutch kitchen. Your desk looks aewsome.


How beautiful! Your house is fantastic.

Gina L

I always enjoy looking at the pictures of your house. They have such a happy feel about them. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for showing us this wonderful desk. It sort of makes me think of strawberry ice cream. My DD#2 has a dresser that color and it looks like it is a similar piece to this one..with the scrolly touches..
I am headed over to flickr to see the ATCs.
enjoy the sun today!


That desk is unreal, totally out of this world!! It would be totally taken over be my little girl if it was in my house!! Pictures of peoples homes always want me to have a massive clean of my overcluttered house!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous desk. I'll bet you could write some really lovely letters there. Maybe even a novel. I like your postcards! (Particularly the one in the middle!! hehe)

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