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Oh, my memory-laden stuff is scattered hither & yon, too...
Some boxes I've actually brought downstairs where I kin 'get at 'em' easier than putting them away in a dark closet each week.
There are quite a few boxes, and some of them are helpfully labeled, like "Notes from the Dawn of Time to the Present Day", and "College Stuff".
I always forget where I've last seen something, it's like the tide takes it away or something.
I probably 'should' organize everything by year & stuff, but probably 'won't'.


Classic ! Love it !

I used to write tonnes of lists when I was that age too .. I wonder if every girl did ?

Dreaming, saving, goals, plans .. *sigh*

Now it's all bills and what shall I cook for dinner - blah !


Oops, I see that you answered my fast food Q in the comments.

How do you store all of this good Flashback Friday stuff? One central location? All of my memory laden goodies are spread hither and yon.


Pirate Movie! Oh, wow! That whole list gave me crazy flashbacks, you argyle fiend. :) I live for the days when I could take the pop bottles to 7/11. Oh, how I wish I had ledgered my youth. What were you buying at the fast food restaurants for 50 & 52 cents?


Oh my goodness, how meticulous were YOU??!! I'm actually really envious that you have that - fab!


The the up/down hand in the margin is great. I've never seen that on any accounting ledger, but I like it...


I see you have a penchant for socks. 2 pairs in one month! That explains the socks with the shorts in the beach picture from last week! :)

BTW, I love your flashback friday concept so much, I borrowed my own version of it for my blog...hope you don't mind!


I think Chris Atkins was still coasting on his fame from "The Blue Lagoon" at this time, and Kristy McNichol was still a hot commodity from the TV show "Family", which I like NEVER got to see, due to the whole "we don't have a TV" scourge.

What could I have possibly had for 50 cents at MacDonald's? Hmmm... I'm thinking: something in the drink arena? or possibly in the cherry-pie-with-lava-like-filling category? I'm surprised I don't have a journal entry regarding this purchase that I could use as a cross-reference. X-P

Someone asked me in an email: "Were you mowing your own lawn or other peoples? ... and did you ever finish reading Anna Karenina?"

It was our own lawn-- who else would pay a measly 6 bux for an acre??? (Oh, hi, Dad!)
One took one's life in one's own hands mowing by the scary bee-dwelling Rose of Sharon bushes. I shudder still.

And, YES! I did finish Anna Karenina! It was one of the books that was on my summer reading list for the next year's UConn AP English class. (Got college credit for that class.) There were a ton of heavy-hitting books on that list, I maybe finished two. Depressing Russian Writers + Summer do not = A Good Time or even: Something I Feel Like Doing. I think I still have that reading list floating around somewhere.

I know. Not a surprise.


what did you get at mcdonalds and burger king for 50cents?

this is so cool!


My favorite part is listing Kristy McNichol and Chris Aiken's names LMAO


i love the little hands with the fingers pointing up and down ... much more creative than my current excel spreadsheet version!

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