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OMG! The snail is so-o-o cute! What a great swap package! The candy box with the felted balls is such a great creative idea! I am imagining all sorts of crafty goodies that could go in the candy cups! Great post!


Your snail mail just brought a smile to my face.


omg, snail is too cute! With the little letters! Too cute!!!


Awesome. Snails used to be my thing so I mean it. :0)


LOVE the snail. i like to see how the little puppets are becoming more complex. :)


Goodness, the snail is just fabulous! Love his mailbag full of goodies. And the heart-shaped boxes full of felted balls are awesome. Wow, wow, wow. What a great package


Wow! That snail is amazing!! I love him. (I love the stuff I got from you in Amy's swap, too - yay!)

mimi k

what a fabulous project! I love the snail, the letters, the chocolate box. I love the string around the heart. Wow!


What a super post about our swap!! Now I'm REALLY hoping you like your things. Fizzy and I were thinking about you today when we went to the crafts show, and we bought her some roving so she can learn to felt. I think she wants to make a bag. And she wants to make some beads as well, despite the fact we already have some!! (except they're mine, and I'm not sharing!!)


Okay, the snail? I love him. And the chocolate box full of felted beads? Brilliant and so much easier on the hips!


Oh my gosh, what incredible stuff! Looove the snail man, the heart boxes filled with felted balls!

Jessica Hood

oh i am in love with the snail man! fabulous. and what an awesome job you did on the heart boxes. so innovative!


oh no WAY! That snail is spectacular.

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