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Lovely. I agree with your layer theory. lol


Thanks everybody!
And, yes, Dave, I remember Judy Sue saying that! And so I was glad that one of the jobs that I interviewed for right out of school, which was essentially: paste-up (i.e.: Kill me NOW.) I didn't get, because it would have been 'in the field', but would have killed every drop of creativity energy I had. (Close enuf to smell the fumes, but...)
She also said something else that stuck with me big-time: Whatever you're going through, go through it, don't try to avoid it. Going through 'whatever' adds to your life experiences, and makes you a better artist.


found your tea cosies on etsy -- they are fabulous!


I'm really enjoying seeing your home design.

I remember Judy Sue at Risd warning one day to choose your career path carefully because what you do for work might be the last thing you want to do for yourself after a long hard day. Ofcourse she was refering to those who want to create art for themselves but might work as an illustrator for some big company. She was right...I spend long days picking curtains, chairs, lamps, paint etc for work but the last place I do it is my own home. Judy Sue was YODA! Most ironic is my fiance could live with a cardboard box as a coffee table as long as it was cheap. So she's no help, LOL.

I hope your working on a interior design book you have great ideas.


aw, so pretty! I love it! But then i love everything in your house that i've seen so far! Rosemary


please! i can't take the cuteness! love it!


very lovely! I'm sure your stalker will be impressed when he drops by for tea today... : )


Have a sweet day!!

Jessica Hood

absolutely gorgeous! happy valentine's day!


that's so something I would do when I get my own house. I still have to send you pictures of my finished room! I almost forgot!


Oh my goodness, you're killing me. I LOVE your table setting. Everything about it is absolutely gorgeous. I literally drooled when I saw your photos. Fabulous

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