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megan jeffery

And the World War II Expert comes through again!
In light of this, I'm kinda surprised he didn't use the term "allies"...
And the cat saw what they did to Mussolini, so he's on his best behavior...


I think Mr. Churchill was referring to the relations between nations, especially in times of war. I'm just glad the cat hasn't devoured the newly hatched chick.

megan jeffery

I've had, within say the last five years or so, a couple of multi-decade friendships come to an end. I discovered that, if you're only calling yourselves 'friends', and the actions don't match up, then what you're doing is changing the true meaning of friendship, and not for the better.


Yes. There are also the friendships you keep just because you enjoy saying, "We've been friends for 23 years!" Well, maybe that's just me. :0D

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