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Fatima is too cute, she kind of reminds me of ME!!

megan jeffery

Amy: Glad you like & that "they" caused mirth!
Dave: Would you believe a ... fivesome? If you've got a crush on Fatima, just wait 'til she crushes YOU!
Doug: It's true, isn't it? The UNusual is pretty usual these days. I sometimes feel odd by having no tattoos and just my earlobes pierced. One time each. Like the good little girl that I am.


You used to have to go to the circus side show to see the fat lady and the tatooed man... now you can see them at the mall... and beetlegrass.... :0)

Dave Lowe

I got a crush on Fatima. Great work! So are Ping & Pong and Fatima a couple (or threesome)?


They just keep getting better and better! The twins and the "twins" just kill me. Thanks for the giggles!

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