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megan jeffery

Oh, that's funny, Dave! Your new job sounds great -- children's theater, wow, what a great audience to tap!
Good to go back-n-forth between 2 and 3 dimensions, doncha think? Keeps life interesting, and doing so makes us approach our 'usual' work differently -- i.e.: I learned something new here, let me see if it applies here -- oh, it does! I know I called on my illustration skills for this display case!

dave lowe

In a strange bit o timing and normal career reversal...I just got an gig illustrating the poster and program for a children's theater production of the Arabian Nights. What gives? I'm normally the prop maker and your the full time illustrator.

megan jeffery

Thanks, Megan, was a lot of fun to do! Playing with toys -- now that's what I call "work"!

Megan Fischer, Providence Children's Museum

Hi Megan - just wanted to let you know that your marionette display is now featured on the Museum's blog: http://providencechildrensmuseum.blogspot.com/2010/02/arabian-nights.html

And as Carly says, it's a hit! Thanks again for working your magic and sharing your process with us.

megan jeffery

Hey, nice to hear, Carly! Thanks for passing that on.

Carly from PCM

We love the exhibit! The movement, color, and all-out pizazz are catching all of the eyes that pass. Today I saw a mama holding a toddler pointing out the animals together and boy who told me the snake was playing peek-a-boo. Thank you for sharing your craft and TLC, Megan; we are so fortunate you found us!

megan jeffery

Thank you, Laura, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Process can be interesting to see -- especially for kids -- how did you get There from Here, and how do you break a project down into manageable chunks? Fun to document, too!


Wow! Wonderful stuff, Meg. It was fun watching this all come together. Thanks for sharing it with us! :-)

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