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LOL -- That's funny: the Vision of an Eagle, the Hand Strength of a Lowland Gorilla. I sound practically Mythic! My hand drawback (ha!) is that while they are MIGHTY, they are also SMALL. Which turns out to be a + for making minis. (I once had a reporter ask me the question, "Why minis?" and part of my response was that I didn't have Banana Fingers. What a sadness that she edited out my carefully thought-out response. (I also brought up Man Hands, which she also did NOT include. How is anyone going to see how gosh-darned HILARIOUS I am if all my good material winds up on the cutting room floor?!?)

Janet Sublich

Amazing my friend! Strength of a lowland Gorilla, eh? I need you to go to movies with me to OPEN THE DAMN BOTTLE OF WATER! I swear they glue them on some days.

But, seriously now, these tiny tools are so cool! You must also have the Vision of an Eagle??

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