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Hey, Donna, it sounds like you've got a lot of fun options for journals -- even enough to switch around to keep it interesting for yourself -- very cool!

I'm currently obsessed with making these bookdoris & their notebook inserts. I LOVE using up the stuff that's here (old folders, paper for days, etc.); it makes me feel thrifty and creative at the same time! I'm planning on getting a Crop-a-dile to speed up the hole-punching/ grommet-sinking scenario.

That doodling book sounded so fun; I think I'll allocate some of the Christmas $ I was given on that!

Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment; I appreciate it!

Donna panzardo

Wow Megan I so did not realize you made this month's book. I have the stuff to make the scrap paper type of paper as the cover and also the fake leather type. Plus I bought a trifold leather journal to put together at Joann's which since you are supposed to sew that one in I had my brother in law put the right amount of holes in it so I can add the elastic to do it the Dori way. That was a month ago and I still have not done what I need to do to finish it. And now I decided I'm going to order the year of doodles book maybe in a week from bn so it can go to store to pick it up just don't want to deal with highway traffic so waiting until after the first to order. Maybe will call the middle of this week. Might do the list in that.


Thank you, Janet!

Janet Sublich

Love this!

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