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Hi, Mo! Yep, it's just basically adding/ assessing/ adding/ seeing what it needs/ then sticking a fork in it! :-)
Glad you stopped by to take a look -- thank you!


Meagan ! Love seeing the building up of the day. Makes it look achievable !


Thank you, Odette! Glad you stopped by! Yes, it's all about building, piece by piece. When I make a page, I usually start with an idea or an image, and get those down. Those then suggest the next step, then the next. I haaaaaate designing these out beforehand, because that is too much like WORK. I like PLAYING -- interacting with my materials, trying different things out. If I manage to amuse myself somewhere in this process, I know I'm headed in a desired direction. :-)


This was great to see. The different stages look a lot more do-able than the finished product.


Awww, what a nice thing to say, Janet! :-)

Janet Sublich

Loved seeing more of your process! Your mind makes me smile.


That is so cool that you're getting a fauxbonichi, Tami! And the FB group has so many prompts and good ideas & inspirations. Look forward to seeing your posts -- Happy Journaling!!


Meagen, that was awesome to see how you go and play off of one thought to another! I ordered a fauxbochini and can't wait til it arrives to start trying my hand at journaling like this! Thank you for inspiring me! I also joined the fb group!! Merry Christmas

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