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That's the lesson that I'm learning, Janet -- I've got stickers so old the stickem doesn't really STICK anymore. I don't want to throw things out that I once liked so much I couldn't bring myself to use. AND if we can include the things on our pages that make us HAPPY, so that every time we look at them we feel JOYFUL and EAGER to KEEP ON with documenting our days, I think that's a REALLY GOOD thing. We have to allow ourselves to use our "good things"; we deserve to!

Janet Sublich

These tips are the best!!! But, the best one of all???

"use 'em while you love 'em" !!!!!♡ Wish I had been wise enough to do that from the very beginning, instead of now (23 years later)!


Hey, you're welcome and THANK YOU for reading!! I'm glad that you find them in any way useful, cuz I'm as happy as a clam writing about this type of stuff! :-)


I LOVE your journaling tips, when you say it and I read it, IT makes perfect sense. Thanks for doing this for all us,I for one truly appreciate it!

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