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Thanks, Debbie! That's one of the things I'm looking forward to: Seeing what kind of junk mail other people get. It's sort of an "anthropological" interest, heehee!

Debbie Speer

Megan, this is amazing! Thank you for showing us these ideas. Will keep my eyes open, but seriously - you get great junk mail. I rarely get any. (Guess I can't complain about that). Love your work!


Thank you for stopping by, Carolyn! I love using junk mail for so many reasons, not the least of which is: It's FREE!!! 😄🤑

Carolyn Wall

I love how you have incorporated everyday mail in your pages!!Thanks for sharing!!


Hee hee, Janet! Thank you! I guess I can't get away from the teaching -- must be I was missing it since this week is spring break! YES, Dad is a Reacher Creature -- you should see his bookshelf! How did you know???

Janet Sublich

More great ideas! By Jove, I do believe you should be a teacher! !!

Is your dad a Reacher Creature? (Lee Child books)?


Aw, shucks, Sandy, thank you! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Sandy Ureta

You are simply so amazing !!!


Thank you, Odette! I'm glad to hear you'll give the junk the once-over before you give it the old heave ho! I've never seen tan security envelopes -- I'll have to keep my eyes open for that "unicorn"! I "inherited" most of my envelope collection. I'd thought about tossing them, but now I'm sorta glad I've hung onto them, as they've come in handy many times! I'm glad you liked the post!


Thank you, Shannon! I'm glad you liked them -- and I'm happy to hear that you'll be looking at junk mail differently! Yay!


These are GREAT! I usually automatically pitch junk mail, so now I'll be compelled to inspect it for journal fodder. LOL
I punch out shapes from security envelopes already and use them as a layer under the dates in my journal. I've never found red or green, but I have a few tan ones. They sometimes have really cool designs that look like Zentangles. Enjoying your posts!


I love it! One of my favorites was the code you used as a quilt and his toes were hanging out the end! Also love the cars with the bottles in them! I will try to look at junk mail differently, because of your great pages.

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