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LOL, Carmen! I have four eyes, some would say. And only two of them are glass. Even MORE to ponder on the Eye Front!
Yes, the color is already on the page. For example, on the Funky Faces section, all I did was add the black line, for drawing and writing. Everything else was there. I guess I should take a "Before" pic so that it's easy to see what was there vs. what I added. I'll do that.


So, you have the prompt and the color splashes, and you create from there, or do you add the color, as well? Love the faces the very most. You have such an eye. Well, you HAVE TWO eyes, but ... I assume you have two eyes, but that is quite presumptuous of me, I suppose. After all, you do have spectacles in some of your toy pics, leading one to believe that your eyes were not at their best. And, with that, I will rest on: You have at least one wonderfully creative eye, and perhaps even two!


Thank you; I'm glad to be working in it again. I like the things that just "happen". And it's good that someone else has come up with the prompts -- otherwise I'd choose things that are in my wheelhouse and wouldn't have to stretch myself. Stretching is good. :-)

Shannon Paul

I love reading your thought process when you start a page, pretty amazing to me. I'm also glad you're back at it.

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