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Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by! I like the arty feel of this one too. I use a lot of ephemera that comes from my alma mater's newletters and mailings (that's where the "Materials that don't exist yet; Languages that don't exist yet pieces came from), along with cards and postcards that look graphic or edgy or that remind me of NYC. It's a fun book to add to because I don't worry about being precious with it. The more banged up and dirty it gets, the better! :-)


This is amazing! I love how it looks so Pop Art. I think Languages That Don't Exist Yet is my favourite booklet.


I used to play a game with the movie descriptions where I'd break apart the characters and the verb of movie action, then mix and match them for even FUNNIER outcomes. Come to think of it, this is a good exercise for creating a comic... hmmm...


Laughed at Wolfman Jackson Pollack. Love that you've kept fortunes, movie descriptions, and the inside decor of envelopes. I just don't think of these things that together create a treasure.


Thanks Shannon! This was fun & easy to make; I want to make more!


That is really cool!

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